meet the cast!


Satsuki Tanaka

田中 さつき

she/her, Age: 18

Fierce, confident, and deadly.

Satsuki is not your average Japanese Highschool girl. A trained assassin armed with not just a skull-crushing chainsaw but quite the sailors mouth to boot.

on the surface she seems innocent but thats exactly why her kill count is so high...


Ezekiel Turner

エゼキエル ターナー

he/him, Age: 20

Loud, tough, and ready to rumble.

Satsukis partner in crime and trusted ally. Hailing from canada, Zeke moved to Japan to work with the S.T.A.A. and become an assassin to follow in the footsteps of his mother.

zeke is very boisterous and loud but he always tries his best to be a gentlemen.